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Cyber Security

Committed to protecting your IT environment from the risk of external attacks. Hackers around the world are using increasingly sophisticated automated tools to penetrate countless networks every day and managing cybersecurity is the core of what we do help in mitigating these risks. Striking a balance between business goals and risks and the cost of protecting users from these risks by working with you to manage your network security using the Then, we use standardized and proven processes to achieve our goals, prevent hackers from entering, and prevent intrusion.

Data Solutions

We believe that a successful business intelligence service strategy is not just providing the right information, but also providing the right information to the right people at the right time. In today’s multi-device world, it’s the right place and our is to provide all decision makers in the business with secure access to key metrics for making informed decisions anytime. Business intelligence systems that can help us include visualization tools, centralized metadata strategies, quality assurance (QA) processes, and performance tuning services.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing can access computing services such as on-demand or Internet-based databases, software, servers, analytics, networks, storage, and applications. Disadvantages with cloud computing such as cost savings, scalability, fast service delivery, increased productivity and performance, reliability and flexibility. The benefits of cloud computing far outweigh the disadvantages. Thousands of organizations in the industry are migrating to the cloud, so the adoption of cloud computing has grown exponentially in recent years.

Technology Services

Kaaya provides services to businesses of various sizes with access to technical experts in networking, network security and computer support. Our technicians can serve as a complete IT support team or as an extension of your current IT team. The kaaya team has advanced experience and industry certifications that allow us to use advanced products like Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and SonicWALL. Our technicians have many MCSE, MCP, CNA, CCNA, CCNP, CSSA and CCFA certifications.

Business Intelligence

Knowing your business and your market more than others is the best way to gain a competitive advantage. But to achieve this goal, you must use business-grade business intelligence (BI) solutions for business analytics. Many organizations want to modernize their BI infrastructure and practices, such as information management, data quality, and data integration, to improve agility and efficiency. At Kaaya, we believe that a successful business intelligence service strategy is not just providing the right information, but also providing the right information to the right people at the right time and in today’s multi-device world, it’s the right place.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence services can help you obtain high-quality, high-precision artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling you to create highly scalable and cost-effective digital products and solutions. You will definitely benefit from minimizing labor and infrastructure costs. Before designing the best AI strategy, our artificial intelligence consulting service covers all needs analysis. Recognizing your challenges and abilities, we provide you with the most effective model for implementing software using AI.

Web Solutions

Ecommerce solutions company is a unique platform for small businesses. Our integrated e-commerce solutions cover all aspects of our business, including inventory management, order management, marketing, sales, lead discovery, wholesaling, billing and invoicing, and even customer service. Not only that, it also provides unprecedented levels of data analysis and business intelligence, in addition to traditional software built for global companies.

Enterprise Solutions

With Our Expert Enterprise solutions and services, you can reduce downtime, ease daily problems and improve business continuity. Our team of employees, as well as engineers and technicians, have the necessary certification and experience to provide best solutions for your business needs. Kaaya provides the on-site & off-site technical resources necessary to actively manage, maintain, and support customer hardware, operating systems, and software environments.